Sunday, June 2, 2013

Review of The Goat or Who is Sylvia

Stevie in The Goat states that life is supposed to run in a straight line when she learns that her husband is in love with Sylvia, who also happens to be a goat. There are some things that a woman can get her head around, be it infidelity with another woman or the loss of love, but to be told by her husband of 25 years that he loves her and a goat on an equal basis is something that Stevie cannot comprehend or the audience for that matter.

The Goat is a tragi-comedy that stretches the boundaries of love beyond the realms of normality. It is the type of play that evokes strong reactions, be it audible gasps, walking out or nervous laughter at inappropriate moments. This is not your typical ‘in yer face’ theatre but it is provocative and it's emotional intensity is impossible to ignore. I had the pleasure of being shocked rigid when I saw The Goat by Prosperous Dramatic Society a few weeks ago with Brenda Drumm. So rather than give a written review, I would like to share our reaction via the Artyfacts podcast ‘Driving home from the Gig’

What I would like to share here is my admiration for the professionalism, quality acting and sheer bravery that Prosperous Dramatic Society displayed in 1) choosing this radical play by Edward Albee 2) the amazing set design which gets trashed after every performance and the incredible acting by Robert Massey who plays Martin, Zita McGarry Kelly who plays Stevie, Fergal Crehan who plays long term friend Ross and Karl Keogh who plays their son Billy.

So if you missed out seeing them perform The Goat in Prosperous or Athlone you can catch them next week in the Millibank Theatre in Rush, Co. Dublin on the 8th and 9th June.

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