Friday, January 11, 2013

When genuine customer service goes a long way

On the 6.35pm train from Heuston-Dublin to Waterford there is a catering attendant who is the epitome of customer service. I regularly see him pushing the food and drinks trolley up and down the aisle with a cheery smile and a genuine demeanour that lifts just about any bad mood. In these days of self service, automated robotic service, carousel-moving-shove-the-goods into the bag as fast as you can service or the 'do I have to deal with you' service, he is a beacon of light in the rise of fake and declining customer service.  In particular his genuine customer service this evening really lifted me and when he wished me a lovely weekend despite me declining a sale of tea or coffee I wanted to thank him for treating me with a bit of decency because I needed it after the bus journey I had just endured.