Friday, March 9, 2012

The future Irish writers

It is my belief that classic writing comprises of three aspects; a good story (heart), strong characters and quality writing.  Tonight I had the pleasure to listen to four young writers on KFM who all show promise in producing classic writing.  Each of them are a member of WriTeen Scene, a creative writing group that was formed last year by Brenda Drumm, Margaret Kane and myself.  So the reader of this blog may go is the bias.
         One could argue that they would be correct but...until I met these young writers through the writing group, I had no former relationship with them and as such I also had no idea of what I was stepping into.  What I have learned and experienced in the last seven months since the group took off is how scarily talented all the young people are.
          Each of the members of WriTeen scene have a different way of expressing themselves that is highly polished but remains an authentic voice.  Each of them are story tellers, their work has heart coupled with believable characters but they also have an astounding grasp of the English language, both through flow, rhythm, structure of words and conveying a sense of narrative voice.  I doubt that this is developed in their English class.  It is my belief that they each have a gift and love for writing and listening to them tonight on the radio (sadly there is no podcast of them yet but if one becomes available I will link it) I know that I am working in a privileged position, working with talented writers who will be the future Irish writers of tomorrow.

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