Friday, January 11, 2013

When genuine customer service goes a long way

On the 6.35pm train from Heuston-Dublin to Waterford there is a catering attendant who is the epitome of customer service. I regularly see him pushing the food and drinks trolley up and down the aisle with a cheery smile and a genuine demeanour that lifts just about any bad mood. In these days of self service, automated robotic service, carousel-moving-shove-the-goods into the bag as fast as you can service or the 'do I have to deal with you' service, he is a beacon of light in the rise of fake and declining customer service.  In particular his genuine customer service this evening really lifted me and when he wished me a lovely weekend despite me declining a sale of tea or coffee I wanted to thank him for treating me with a bit of decency because I needed it after the bus journey I had just endured.

        Like so many others I commute on a daily basis and I pay handsomely for it through the annual ticket scheme. There are times when I don't get a seat on the train and many, many times when I don't get a seat on the 145 bus. The service is unreliable because the route is too long to cater for commuters. On top of this I have to endure pushing, shoving and jostling.  The reason why decent people carry out this behaviour is desperation. There are not enough buses for commuters in the morning and evenings from Heuston to the south side of the city and we panic not wanting to be late for work or late for home so we shove and jostle to ensure that we are not left behind waiting.
        Tonight was especially bad as we all swarmed onto the bus with its attendant shoving, tutting and in my case someone shoving me physically aside with a large bag. It was humiliating and degrading to be treated in that manner. Again I believe they are not bad people, just frustrated with a woeful public transport service. I have complained to Dublin bus before but I have received the automated do we have to deal with you customer service whilst pretending that they care. Just check out their inflated sense of themselves on their social media accounts. If they genuinely cared they would provide a regular better bus service from Heuston to  Stephen's Green that ensures commuters get to their place of work on time but they won't because they don't care and that is the rub. You can't fake genuine customer service and large organisations such as Irish rail or Dublin bus would do well to employ more people like the man who pushes the catering trolley up and down the aisle with a genuine smile and common courtesy to all month in, month out, whatever the season.    

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